What Angela Bassett Taught Me

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Angela Bassett, one of my media inspirations, made history by winning a Golden Globe for “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” as the First Actor to earn a major award for a Marvel film. As I joyously celebrated her win, it made me think of a tweet I read a few months back. The tweet read “There is something unexplainable about Black women like Angela Basset & Sheryl Lee’ Ralph’s beauty. I don’t know what “it” is but inject it into my veins.” I am sure we all can agree with this! Now, if you do not know Sheryl Lee Ralph, I will preface this by saying she is another one of my feminine idols. As an actress, philanthropist, and icon, Sheryl Lee Ralph made history (much like Angela Bassett), becoming the second black woman to win an Emmy for Supporting Actress in a comedy series in 2022.

The tweet not only sparked my interest, but the quotes and replies did as well. One quote said "I know people are going to refute this, but they carry themselves with an elegance and grace that we do---

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