I (Don't) Got The Blues: Jazz Lounge/Jazz Club Etiquette

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 Yesterday evening was truly lovely. After I delicately slipped on my olive green ribbed knit sweater dress and black heels, I headed out the door to meet the ladies. It was time to meet them at the jazz lounge for spoken word. 

 We roamed the vicinity captured with greenery, history, and lovely art. From the foyer, to the private members room, the coffee house, and other rooms, we admired the place in awe. We finally landed in the jazz lounge and it was lovely. I was excited for the lovely evening ahead.
The host asked if we would prefer a table or booth. Agreeing to sit at the booth, we headed that way, passing other lovely looking guests. With soothing yet groovy music playing in the background, we ordered French 75s, Lemon Drops, and Long Islands. As for entrees, our mouth watered for gumbo, but because gumbo was not being served this evening, we settled on wedge salads, wing thangs, and polpettes. It was all so very delicious. We laughed (a lot), enjoyed spoken word, and took photos. The evening was filled with so much love, beauty, and soul. The ambiance was amazing.
Although we thoroughly enjoyed the performance, there was one aspect that left us in disbelief. In light of this, I would like to discuss jazz lounge etiquette.
Continued for Private Members Only. 

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