Princess Tiara Fashion Show and Etiquette Tea

Social graces, carrying yourself with poise, and confidence about herself and her passions are things that every young girl should have the chance to practice. Prestige School of Protocol sets the stage to learn those skills. 

Each participant has the opportunity to be a trailblazer… charting the course for her future successes. More than just a fashion show, The Princess Tiara Fashion Show is a program all about growing confidence.

The Princess Tiara Fashion Show Activities Include:

Informational Meeting: Sunday, January 7, 2024, 2:00 p.m.

Our informational session is for you and your family to learn everything about our Princess Tiara Fashion Show. Participants must be ages 4 to 11, as of January 1st. You will leave this session with everything you need to know.

Etiquette Tea: February 25, 2024 at 2:00 p.m. 

Every young lady needs to learn the basics associated with having proper manners in the world and what better way to learn than with an etiquette tea? Tea is a social beverage and, as any social situation, it calls for manners. This is a workshop your princess will never forget. Young ladies may arrive in princess attire or just a nice tea outfit. Girls will learn:

  • Manners
  • Making a grand entrance and looking confident
  • Proper posture
  • Walking like a lady
  • Knowing how to introduce themselves and others
  • Greeting adults
  • How to sit properly
  • Knowing how to start a conversation with new friends
  • Exiting with style and grace

Girls will also receive a "big sister" for the day to assist them and assess their behavior.

Optional Bonding Activity: Saturday, March 16, 2024 at 11:00 a.m.

Girls will receive the opportunity to bond with their fashion show sisters by making bracelets, painting, and playing self-care bingo. 

This opportunity grants girls an additional opportunity to decide on their Miss Personality 2024.

Rehearsal: Saturday, March 30, 2024 at 2:00 p.m.

Girls will receive stage and modeling techniques from professional models about walking in the fashion show and how to be confident. They will also rehearse their placing for the show. Although we will have rehearsal, parents are encouraged to actively practice with their girls before the show.

Fashion Show: Sunday, March 31, 2024 at 3:00 p.m. at Maumee Indoor Theatre

Girls will participate in the fashion show competition.

Fashion Show

The Princess Tiara Fashion Show is a fashion show unlike any other! Our goal is to grow confidence and teach real world skills. It is a program centered around helping young ladies grow and expand their ideas about who they are and what they want to achieve. We want every girl to realize that she truly can take hold of her dreams and make them real!

Our concert level sound and lighting is unsurpassed! You will be proud to invite your family and friends to rally around and support you on fashion show weekend.

Want to be a part of The Princess Tiara Fashion Show? Prestige School of Protocol is now accepting participants for girls ages 4-11 for our Princess Tiara Fashion Show!!! It’s your chance to make memories that last a lifetime and possibly take home a tiara! This fashion show is perfect for beginners!

While each event will be held in/around Toledo, Ohio, participants from other locations are permitted to register. All Princess Tiara Fashion Show events will be held on weekends. 

Age Divisions

Princess: 4 to 7

Royal: 8 to 11


Fashion Show Categories

Personal Style:

Each participant will model attire that shows off her personality and sense of style. Participants may use free style modeling turns and poses as they strut the stage. There is no set pattern you have to walk. It is completely up to you. You will be shown where to enter and exit prior to the competition during rehearsal. No swimwear. Glitzy, over the top outfits are not appropriate.

Hobby/Activity Wear:

Each participant will model sportswear attire: tennis outfit, gymnastics, cheerleading, equestrian, dance, golf, or whichever sport/activity attire of your choice! Outfit must be appropriate. Participants may use free style modeling turns and poses as they strut the stage. There is no set pattern you have to walk. It is completely up to you. You will be shown where to enter and exit prior to the competition during rehearsal. No tumbling, acrobatics, gymnastics, or live animals but you may have props that are in theme. No swimwear. Glitzy, over the top outfits are not appropriate. 

Formal Gown:

Each participant will model her formal dresses. Consider the style of a flower girl dress, church dress, or Easter dress. Participants may use free style modeling turns and poses as they strut the stage. There is no set pattern you have to walk. It is completely up to you. You will be shown where to enter and exit prior to the competition during rehearsal.  

Apparel in all categories must be age appropriate. No crop tops, revealing, or inappropriate clothing.


Miss Personality:

Each participant will cast her vote for who she believes is most friendliest and most helpful. 

Overall Winners:

Participants will be judged on dedication throughout the entire process, onstage personality, onstage confidence, manners, grace, and stage presence. Scoring is based on the judge's overall impression, etiquette tea behavior, commitment, and the participants' ability to command attention with her poise and personality. Appropriate attire, confidence, and comfortability onstage is all considered. There will be three winners for each age group: third place, second place, and winner.

Registration is now closed and tickets are on sale. 

Have a question that is not answered here? Please email:

This is a program that empowers beyond a crowning moment…


What is the deadline to register?

The deadline to register is December 1, 2023. We, however, recommend registering a lot sooner due to limited seating for the etiquette tea. Late entries will not be permitted. This includes friends, peers, and family members of the program administrator, volunteers, judges and big sisters. No one will be permitted to register after this date. No exceptions will be made. 

Is there an optional contest?

Yes! Participants may participate in the "Most Fashionable" category for best dressed, creative, and fashionable outfits. If they are interested, the deadline to register for the optional contest is January 15, 2024. The price to enter is $15.00. The optional contest will not impact your chances of winning the overall contest. Optional contests are scored by a separate selection committee. Winners will receive a trophy. Register here:

What are the benefits of participating in the Princess Tiara Fashion Show and Etiquette Tea?

This is the opportunity of a lifetime. In addition to prizes for our winners, ALL girls will gain self-confidence, social graces, and valuable skills from appearing onstage in front of an audience! Girls will make friendships that they will cherish for years to come and make memories that will last a lifetime. In short, you will have a great time while building important real-life skills.

Do I need to have pageant or fashion show experience to participate?

No! Participants are typically “girls next door” with little or no experience. Anyone is quite capable of doing well and winning with no prior experience. We are looking for enthusiastic young ladies who can proudly represent their community well. First time participants make wonderful winners!

May I participate in the etiquette tea and fashion show without competing to win?

Of course! If you are not interested in participating to be scored by our qualified judges, you have that right. Just send us an email stating that you are not interested in being scored to win.

How is the fashion show judged?

Each participant will be judged in three areas: etiquette tea behavior and committment, fashion show poise, & appropriate attire for both events. Participants will be asked a few simple questions during the etiquette tea by their assigned "big sister" to assess their confidence. Questions may include "what is your name, your favorite color, and favorite thing to do." There is no right or wrong answer to these questions. Big sisters are simply there to assist, assess confidence, and be a positive role model. Overall judging criteria includes poise, confidence, and personality. 

What are you looking for in your winner?

We are looking for an outstanding person that will represent our school and title well. 

What are the prizes should I win?

The prizes and awards differ from year to year according to sponsors that are participating in the event. First place winners for sure receive a crown, sash, bouquet, free entry into Prestige School of Protocol's 2024 events and a $100.00 gift card. Second and third place receive a crown, sash, and free entry into Prestige School of Protocol's 2024 events.

All participants will receive a discount on entry for Prestige School of Protocol's 2024 events.

How do I get to the etiquette tea and fashion show location and what are my responsibilities once I am there? What are the expenses incurred by my supporters and me once we arrive?

You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the assigned locations. You will also be responsible for your own lodging (for those who are traveling and prefer to arrive the night before). Each participant is also responsible for her wardrobe needs and all accessories. 

Admission to the show is by ticket only. You as a participant will not need a ticket – everyone else must have a ticket. There is no limit on the number of tickets that may be purchased, and attendees will be able to purchase tickets online and at the show. Tickets are $10 each.

Participants will receive an official certificate because of your participation. You and your supporters may purchase official program books at the fashion show for $15.00.

What are my responsibilities should I win and how much time is involved for me and my family?

Time involved should you become a titleholder varies on your desire to make appearances. We make every effort to obtain appearances for titleholders, but realize that your education and family are a high priority, so we do our best to accommodate school and family when arranging appearances. Again, this is on a case-by-case basis and requires much coordination and communication between the titleholder and us. 

We understand your concerns as to the time involved, and do everything possible to accommodate and coordinate schedules. We would like for our titleholders to participate in parades, fairs, events held by Prestige School of Protocol (free entry for our titleholders), meet community leaders, perform community service, and participate in other appearances scheduled by Prestige School of Protocol.

Who needs a ticket?

Everyone, including the participants' parents, will need a ticket to attend the fashion show. 

I am a participant, do I need a ticket?

No, the participants do not need a ticket. 

How may I purchase tickets?

Tickets may be purchased on eventbrite and our website before the fashion show and via cash at the show. Tickets go on sale two months before the show. All ticket sales are final. All seating is general admission and on a first-come-first-served basis.

What color and style does my dress have to be?

While there is no specific color or style that your formal wear dress should be, you most importantly want to make sure you feel confident and special in the dress. Also keep in mind, is it age appropriate? Are you comfortable in what you have on? Choose the color and style that looks best on you. 

Is makeup allowed?

A little mascara and lip-gloss is allowed but please keep it age appropriate, as we want VERY LITTLE makeup, if any.  

What should my family and friends wear to the fashion show?

We recommend anything from business casual to formalwear for the fashion show. Leggings and sweat pants are not permitted. Easter Sunday clothing would be appropriate.

What type of photo should I use for my official head-shot photo in the program book?

You will need to submit a “head and shoulders” style photo. Make sure there are no distractions in the background in your photo and that you are the sole subject. A 5×7 or larger color photo should be emailed (

What are Feature Pages?
Many participants have asked to purchase special advertising pages in our Official Program Book. So, we are making up to 5 program book pages available per participant. That is as many as 5 full-page ads or 10 half-page ads or any combination of the two. This is a great way for you to gain added recognition and exposure by “spotlighting” your photo more than once in our book.

As a participant, your photo is automatically included in our regular fashion show lineup. The Feature Pages are something extra. Many times, your family members, friends, local businesses, and other supporters want to give you added visibility. The Feature Pages are $75.00 for a full-page ad and $40.00 for a half-page ad.

You may send a camera-ready file of your Feature Page or you may send a rough sketch to us showing how you want your Feature Page(s) arranged.


Sportsmanship and manners are required of all participants, parents, families, and attendees. Failure to follow rules may result in removal of the program.

Registration is now closed.