The Spirit of Jealousy and How to Navigate It

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If you are a woman, especially a black woman, who is strategic, smart, beautiful, likable, and/or well put together, you may experience jealousy from multiple groups of people. Family members, associates, coworkers, superiors, and even strangers are amongst the group. Learning how to navigate jealously and even sabotage is a skill worth learning. 

In high school I was pretty popular. Voted to serve on student council, cheerleader for my first two years and flag corp girl for the other two years, honor roll student, teachers favorite, glee club member, and homecoming court are my statistics. I was also a very likable peer. By senior year I was voted "Most Likely to be Successful", which is pretty impressive for a black girl attending a catholic school.
In college I was even more popular. My involvement was similar to high school and I would often receive requests to serve on student panels and even lead certain workshops. I was labeled the "Michelle Obama" of my state collegiate campus. I was even awarded the highest student award bestowed on any student at the university. 
After college, the way one is perceived is a bit different. We begin navigating the world as adult---putting our goals into action. We go from the lovely young lady with potential to a growing woman accomplishing her dreams. This unfortunately welcomes envy. I will share one example out of many: 
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