The Perfect Summer Aesthetic

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Earlier this week I received a message from a friend requesting that we go on a hot girl walk and get food this week. Excited, I said yes of course! Due to life truly lifing for each of my friends, I have not seen my girls in months and I must admit, I really miss them. The request reminded me of some of the spring and summer days she and I had last year. Hot girl walks, nearby city day trips trying new food, beaching, and expresso martini hangouts were in full effect. Last year I claimed my summer as "Dreamy Girl Summer" with inspiration from one of my favorite songs "Daydreaming" by Tatyana Ali. This year I will be going for a totally different vibe. 

"Dreamy Girl Summer" is obviously something I made up, but my Dreamy Girl Summer was blissful, romantic, lovely, and soft. My Dreamy Girl Summer was filled with garden parties, art gallery opening receptions, relaxing days at the beach, wineries, vineyard trips, jazz and neosoul concerts, boat rides, tennis, massages and dinner dates.

Now in my grown woman era, I feel more of a Beyonce' "Party" vibe for summer 2024. Chic looks of satin dresses, silk skirts, strapless tops and blouses, and hobo bags for inspiration, I even feel a different style vibe. 

A summer of day parties, upscale lounges, chic drinks, professional sports, sushi dates, aerial yoga, wine and champagne dinners, and extended vacations is what I long for this year. 

Planning your summer aesthetic is the perfect way to romanticize your summer. Here are a few aesthetic ideas I have come up with. Continue reading for Private Society Members. 

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