Friends, Love, and Laughter

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As sad as it is to admit, this past weekend I laughed harder than I have in the last few weeks put together! As my girlies and I laughed, joked, and exchanged banter over lovely and not-so-great wines while wine tasting at the yacht club, I could not help but to ponder how much I needed this. To my surprise, one of the ladies uttered similar words.


The pandemic induced isolation for each of us. Working from home has made it even worse. For me, what made things even worse were my two closest friends had both moved to different parts of the world. Feeling the need to find community again, each of us made an effort to discover new ways to meet new people, which is how myself and two of my other friends made our way to one another. The two ladies and I happen to be friends from elementary school, but we had not seen one another since. You would not have been able to tell, however, judging by how quickly the three of us were able to bond! It was like no time what-so-ever has passed, which is hilarious because one of the ladies and I magically started spending time together a few months back after discovering our interests in trying new wines. This friend was a strong supporter of Prestige School of Protocol, purchasing sleepwear from our sleepwear collection. I found the other friend out and about. The three of us hit it off from there--laughing over our delights and pains from primary school and some of the trauma AND positive life experiences our grade school experience presented. 

After we left the yacht club wine tasting event, admitting that we were famish (the hors d oeuvres were clearly not enough), we headed to one of our favorite Italian restaurants in the suburb nearby. We again laughed uncontrollably about dating, life, travel, and experiences. I was delighted. Most people outgrow their elementary, high school, and sometimes even college friends. I have been grateful enough to find friends who have the same interests, lifestyles, and love for enjoying life and discovering new things as me. As we conversed, we discussed upcoming activities we look forward to doing with one another: fine dining restaurants we'd like to try, networking events, cities we'd like to visit, concerts, hobbies (we came up with trying goat yoga and salsa dancing so far!), comedy shows (we actually planned on attending to see a celebrity I am sure many of you all know, but tickets sold out just as we were purchasing our table (sighhhh), wine festivals, jazz lounges, the candlelight symphony series, dinner parties and movie nights at my place, and brunching. All of which I am looking forward to. 

Sisterhood, community, and friendship is important. Feminine relationships is even more important for feminine women. Many complain about the lack of community and friendships they have. Female friends, whether you are in a romantic relationship or not, is important and yearning for it is natural, but you cannot complain if you are not putting yourself out there and making an effort to get to know others (see my blog on friendships for ideas on how to meet friends and for friend date ideas). Interested in meeting like-minded women virtually? Join our private society! 

Do you have a bestie or group of feminine friends? Let us know in the comments below!

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