Sex and the City: How to Order a Drink for Beginners (And My Favorite Signature Drink)

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If a restaurant has it, chances are I am going to get it! A Spritzer or Sparkling Sorbetto Float that is!

So much of our social lives are communed around drinking. From happy hours after work, to networking events and cocktail parties, and even open bar at the holiday party or wedding, it is vital to know what drink is your go to. 

Many of us did have a formal introduction to the various types of adult beverages, what is in them, and how to order them. Not knowing can lead to some embarrassing moments while ordering a drink at the bar, restaurant, or private lounge. I'd like to use this entry to start off with my favorite drink. Then, how to properly order a drink at the bar AND "choosing your signature drink."

It's like summer in a glass! Prosecco, Sanpellegrino, Pompelmo or Aranciata Rossa, a squeeze of lemon, (and fresh strawberries for strawberry flavored). A spritzer will always be my signature drink. Wine cocktails are always fun to play with (not to mention to drink of course). 

Another? Champagne sorbet floats! Champagne Sorbet Floats are half elegant and half delicious. They are perfect for dinner or even a summer brunch soiree. Plus, for non-drinkers, sorbet floats make great for mocktails.

As for restaurants that do not have these options, I usually go for a cosmo, french 75, or a glass of champagne of course. 

Now lets get into how to order a drink, classics, etiquette, do's and don'ts, finding your signature drink, and what to know! (Continued for Private Society Members only). 


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