What Oprah's Legends Ball Taught Me

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Last weekend was such a lovely weekend. My weekend was not only filled with changed plans, but it was filled with plenty of love, laughter, life, joy and feminine sisterhood. It was a weekend of lovely sisterhood I wish on every woman.  


 A few ladies from my (in person which is different from my virtual) private society agreed to attend a Candlelight Symphony in a city not too far from where we reside. One of the ladies even hired a chauffeur so that we would not have to drive ourselves to and around the busy city we were visiting. Unfortunately though, while trying to meet the driver, many of us were late--too late to attend the symphony, as late entries were not permitted. A little disappointed, our driver escorted us to our usual Italian dining establishment for nosh so that we may decide what to do next.

We discovered that everything had sold out--in our area and in the city we were visiting. From the jazz cabaret to the late symphony show, everything we looked into was sold out.  So, after two hours at the restaurant, we decided on the selfie museum and a night in at my place to watch “Girlfriends" and make vision boards.

I was a little hesitate towards a selfie museum. I thought it would be too childlike. I was wrong. In fact, the childlike nature inspired such feminine joy! It was so much fun! We took so many photos and videos and laughed until our abs hurt. I then hurried home. I only had one hour to make sure my place was host ready. I showered, cleaned, lit candles, and changed into my soft satin pajamas and fuzzy socks. The girls arrived at 10:30 p.m. One brought strawberry wine and board games, another brought face and eye masks, and the last society member brought snacks. Our planned "relaxing" night turned into something completely different.  

Not only did we play a competitive game of taboo, but we played a karaoke card game as well. From singing songs by Whitney Houston to Rihanna, our evening transpired into a dancing scene of Two Can Play that Game, Waiting to Exhale, and Living Single. Our girls night turned into a sleepover and staying up until 5:00 a.m. discussing our wants, needs, and non-negotiables of friendship. The next morning we ate, chatted, and decided to get ready for the second symphony we purchased tickets for. Just like Oprah’s Legend's Ball taught me-- (continued for Private Society Members). 


Oprah's Legacy Ball tribute is the perfect film to watch this Women's History Month. In the film we see Oprah… continue reading for Private Members only!










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