Guess Who's Coming to Dinner: The Perfect Guest

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It was a week before the New Year when I sent a text to my cousin suggesting that we all get together prior to New Year's Day to make vision boards to start the New Year off the right way. She agreed and offered up her home to host. I offered to bring supplies as well as the boards since I already had them in my closet (I keep them in case I'd like to host impromptu events which happens often). I was so excited!

Prior to the event I decided to purchase my favorite bottle of wine from Cooper's Hawk. Always taught to bring a gift as a guest when invited into someone's home (an important rule of etiquette), I figured this gift would be perfect. To make it look pretty, I made the cutest floral ice cubes to place with the bottle of wine and flowers into an ice bucket. Here is how it came out:


Bringing a gift is not the only rule of etiquette for guests. Provided below is a list of others... continued reading for Private Society Members only. 


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