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"I am really living in my Girlfriends era (without the men problems and toxic friendships). The sisterhood, personal style, career, yoga, sushi, upscale + casual dining, meeting up for drinks after work at our place where the owner knows our name." I tweeted this in July. I nearly tweeted it into existence.


We glided through the lovely foyer as we gleamed at the delightful chandeliers leading up to our table. As we passed the main dining room, piano, and bar, we admired the ambiance of the beautifully decorated restaurant. Taking our seat next to the beautifully lit fireplace in the second dining area, we exchanged remarks about how lovely the new restaurant looked. We looked over the menu and ordered French 75 and Bohemian Rhapsodies to pair with our entre, oysters, salad, and gelato and conversed about future plans, goals, and lifestyle aspirations. That conversation went from a 11:30 a.m. lunch to a 5:30 p.m. dinner. The conversation and restaurant was so amazing that we totally forgot to try the wine machine (which was our original intention of visiting). We graciously tipped our waitress and headed to our next stop. 


After spending over five hours at the restaurant, we headed shopping. Laughing and wandering around the store for hours, we shopped for jewelry, lingerie, and matching pajamas for our Galentine's Day movie night celebration. Although we did not purchase any, we also looked at athletic wear for our plans to go on tennis dates, walks in the park, and aerial yoga when spring approaches. We laughed, joked, and took photos to capture the memory of good times. This past weekend was one to remember. 


It is important to have a good group of girlfriends--or even female cousins. Good feminine energy is so free. It helps you flourish. We are the main beings able to understand, sympathize, hold, and share all of our emotions, sensitivities, and vulnerabilities. Masculine energy is so much different. This is why other feminine company is important. I wish good friendship and sisterhood on every woman. 

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