For Those You Love: Feminine and Delightful Ways to Make Someone's Day!

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One very vital feminine trait I love about classy women is how nurturing, soft, sweet, and delicate we are with friends, children (even if we do not have or want them), romantic partners, and even coworkers. I love how we are able to brighten someone's day. I love how much of a positive light we are in everyone's life. 

This past week my very best friend lost her father. Another friend of mine (who I frequently brunch, explore, and dine with), lost her grandmother. Safe to say, it is rough time for many. My question for you is how can you brighten the day of either someone you love or someone you know? 

I knew I wanted to do something special for both ladies. However, neither of them were located in my area (although my friend lives not too much of a drive compared to my best friend) so I could not just show up with a box of tissues, bottle of wine, flowers, and a fruit basket/basket of baked goods. So, before I scouted the internet I dialed my grandmother's phone number in search of ideas. This allowed me to have another recorded conversation with her to add to my "lessons my grandmother taught me" list (which I highly recommend making if you have a grandmother in your life who you are close with). She suggested a few ideas. 

For my best friend who lives furthest away, I decided on an edible arrangement. For my other friend I decided on a self care box, which was actually an idea from a friend who sent me one when I was going through a difficult time a couple of years ago. This box included a journal, word search, fuzzy socks and pjs, pens, sharpies, balt salts, bath bombs, and a box of lavender chamomile tea with a cute new mug.

Grieving periods are not the only time you should do a good deed. Good deeds should happen frequently from feminine and refined women. Here are some ways you too can be a positive light in someone's life:

1. Check in with those you love and those you are developing new genuine relationships with. Actually take the time to listen to understand and determine what is really going on in your loved one's life. No need to pry, but be comfortable with their vulnerability if it does happen. 

2. Compliment a stranger AND someone you know at least once a day (genuinely). Just like feminine women are not afraid to accept compliments, they are also not afraid to give them!

3. Pay it forward (if you can afford it). Have a lady, child, or student in front of you in the Starbucks or café line? Offer to pay!

4. Send handwritten thank you cards! Whether you are thanking someone for a good deed they have done for you or for just being an amazing person in your life, remind them how great they are by sending a thank you note.

5. Tip a little extra. Waitress? Uber/Lyft driver? Barista? Show a little kindness.

6. Bring someone a treat! Work with a small team of co-workers? Feel free to bring in cookies or donuts!

7. Share something funny and lighthearted. Who doesn't love a good meme or tiktok video? The gift of laughter is priceless!

It is officially your turn to get out there and do it! Try to make someone's day better.

Have other ideas on how to make someone’s day? Let us know in the comments below!

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