The Prestige Society for College Students (HS Seniors Allowed)

The Prestige Society for College Students (HS Seniors Allowed)

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Prestige Jewel, owner of Prestige School of Protocol was awarded the highest and most prestigious award bestowed on any university student at her alma mater, a big ten school. She was honored for her scholastic ability, leadership, and community service on campus and in the community. This award is called The Board of Trustees Student Recognition Award. The award was presented by the University President.

Precious received the amazing opportunity to deliver an "elegant" (in the words of Board Vice President, Bruce McPheron) speech before the University Board and University President. Precious now provides tips and instruction for collegiate (and high school senior) students. Her comprehensive guide helps students not only survive in college, but thrive during their time there!

Collegiate women (or your High School Senior) will gain skills to acquire the social capital that will benefit them socially, professionally, and romantically. Bimonthly meetings will provide tips in strategy, networking, dating, socialization and activities like mock luncheons, mock dates, mock interviews, and vision board parties!

Students will also gain instruction on how to build a network that leads to ongoing access to like-minded people in power positions, how to properly vet (dating) for successful dating and marriage, etiquette and manners training, professional etiquette and how to, and how to effectively navigate other classes and cultures.

They will also have access to our private Instagram account. They are able to create anonymous accounts to gain entry to these platforms if they prefer. Just make sure you send an email with a screenshot of your purchase and username of your anonymous account (parents (for high school students) and participants may be allowed entry. 

Spring session for the Prestige Society for College Students (and HS seniors) continues Saturday, May 18, 2024 at 3:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. We will meet virtually every third Saturday of the month at 3:00 p.m. (If you are interested in one on one sessions due to a time constraint, please email us for accommodations).

Members may join at any time. 

Upon purchasing, please provide an email so that we may send our Client Needs Assessment. 

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