Luxury Turquoise Rose Soap Bouquet (Mini)

Luxury Turquoise Rose Soap Bouquet (Mini)

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Set comes with three flowers. Each rose set can be unraveled for its soap pedals. Soap pedals can be placed in the bathroom and function both as potpourri and hand soap. Pedals can also be sprinkled into a warm bath for a relaxing bath or placed in a vase.

-All natural bath soap petals for hand washing or bathing.

-Free of artificial colors or dyes. Formed with all natural ingredients.

-A perfect gift for the special one in your life or yourself.

Please also be aware that our floral collection items are shipped separately from our other items such as sleepwear. To preserve the delicacy of our flowers, separate shipping rates may apply if you choose to add other collection items to your cart.

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