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Finishing schools teach finishing rules and ideas. They finish students. In other words, they refine students entire being. Hence the name, finishing school.

Like etiquette schools, finishing schools teach etiquette rules. However, they go a few steps further and refine the application of etiquette rules by focusing on both inner and outer development. They recognize that knowing a set of rules is not always enough to navigate life smoothly and elegantly.

Because finishing schools teach more than the essentials, they are not one-day classes, weekend seminars, or week workshops like etiquette schools.

Physical and mental refinement as well as outer and inner development cannot happen in one day or one week. It is also too short to learn a lifetime of wisdoms.

Our modern finishing school (charm school as we prefer to call it) teaches advanced level social graces that is needed to navigate societies in which knowledge of basic etiquette and style rules are not enough. 

Our Charge School features curriculum in core topics such as manners, taste, style, luxury, deportment, communication, self-expression, and traditional values. 

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