Treat Yourself As Delicately As You'd Like Others to Treat You

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Ladies, once you start treating yourself more soft and with delicacy, you will only expect others to treat you similarly and when they do not, you'll exit, because you yourself are already in the habit of treating yourself with ease and softness. 

You are delicate. Start treating yourself that way. Do your self care. Take yourselves out on dates, spend time with yourself, read a good book (or join our bookclub!), take a day trip to a nearby city, enjoy a nice bath with candles and bath petals, buy yourself flowers, or visit a comedy club--something that will make you laugh and enhance your feminine glow!

By finding hobbies you enjoy, taking time for rest, and treating yourself, you create a culture of self-love that can last for the rest of your life. If you want a fun and easy way to give yourself a treat, consider visiting a day spa that you can afford. One spa service I recently received was a hydro bath. My experience was amazing!

Upon my arrival, the receptionist, as welcoming and delightful as she was, offered myself a bottle of water, tea, or coffee. I took a bottle of water. Ten minutes later, the attendant arrived to escort me to the powder room to change into my robe. After doing so, she escorted me to my private room which included the hydro bath. She explained that she would return after 20 minutes to check on me as the soft classical played in the background and the candles glimmered. The beautifully decorated treatment room with dimmed lighting made me feel like my privacy was respected. The natural herbs and its scent created a calm atmosphere that was both peaceful and restorative. 

The bubbles made me feel at ease. As my body immersed in a specially contoured bath, I felt a sense of weightlessness. A felt an increase of circulation and a rebalance of my chakras. It felt as if everything in my life was truly peaceful, happy, and beautiful. See my photo below:

Ladies, start creating an escape. No I do not mean unhealthy habits like smoking, gambling, or excessive alcohol, but I do mean healthy self care activities that brings you joy. You will surely thank yourself. I know I do! 

What self care activities do you enjoy? Feel free to comment below. 

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