Socialite Chronicles: How to Socialize & Get Out of Your Comfort Zone from The Black Socialite Herself

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Happy Black History Month! This month Prestige School of Protocol will feature amazing creatives, influencers, professionals, and entrepreneurs willing to happily provide elegant lifestyle and elevation tips in all areas. As always, Prestige School of Protocol stresses the importance of expanding one's social capital. Here is what this creator, who calls herself “The Black Socialite," has to say about living life, having fun, getting out of one's comfort zone.

Why call yourself "the black socialite?"

“It started off as the name of my spam account on Instagram! I just decided to name myself that on TikTok for fun. Although you have to be born into a wealthy and prestigious family to be considered a socialite, I personally use the term to describe myself because I love going out, meeting new people, partying, fashion and interacting with people. I felt like the name really stuck with me and describes my personality.  The Black Socialite was just a fun name I came up with.” 

Traveling to New York from Montreal alone at 19 was the major step The Black Socialite took to come out of her comfort zone. By doing that, she learned so much about herself and her capabilities. Ultimately, you do not know who you are / what you are capable of until you push yourself out of your comfort zone. “If you stay comfortable forever, chances are you will never reach your fullest potential," she says. To get out of her comfort zone, The Black Socialite says solo traveling, going to bars alone, taking herself out to dinners alone, being alone in her own space, posting content online, and trying new things are all ways she continuously try to push herself out of my comfort zone.

What gave you the courage to intern in another country? Would you do it again?

“Pure delusion,” she says. “I grew up very coddled so truly I had no fear of going to a new country alone because I did not know that it was considered ‘brave’ or ‘dangerous’. I felt like doing it and at the time I could so I did it. In retrospect, going to New York alone as ditzy as I am was probably not the smartest decision but I made it out on the other side a lot smarter and with amazing experiences and wonderful friends and connections. I would do it again because I had an amazing experience and met the most amazing people.”

Deciding to put herself out there was one of the best decisions she has ever made. The first benefit, The Black Socialite says, is the "people you meet and the opportunities you get. Our generation is turning into a “who you know” and not “what you know” and by putting yourself out there and becoming more likable, ultimately puts yourself in a better position to have more things work out for you. Being shy is a hindrance to success and a waste of time. Life is too short to isolate yourself and miss out on potential opportunities and experiences."

Tips for introverts looking to be more social?

“It is not a bad thing to be introverted but I do think it is not beneficial to be shy. I would recommend not overthinking and just doing it. Start small by attending classes. Also try rooftop bars and nice lounges to get accustomed to being around people. One thing I used to do was give myself a goal for a night out alone. For example, if I went to a rooftop bar alone, I would give myself the goal of talking to at least one person, which made me feel really good. You gain more from putting yourself out there than staying inside.”

Best tips for socializing with new people?

“Before I became more social, there was a micro influencer I used to follow on Instagram that was extremely social so I sent her a DM one day asking her, “How do you do it?” Her response was literally just “Smile and say hi”. It is that simple! Putting yourself out there is difficult but the more you do it the easier and more enjoyable it gets. Meeting new people and socializing is a lot of fun when you're lucky enough to continuously be meeting amazing interesting people (which I am). It takes a lot of people to make a world, and I adore meeting different kinds of people. Easy ways tips are to not overthink, compliment people when you meet them, smile and say hi and everything will work out well.” 

What tips do you have for someone looking to make friends and meet new people?

“Three things I would advise someone trying to make new friends is to download an app to help you (i.e. Bumble BFF), this helped me a lot with making friends when I had a smaller social circle. Also by doing this, you can put yourself out there more without stepping too far out of your comfort zone. Secondly, go out more, it is that simple. The more you go out, the more you interact with people and the easier it becomes to socialize. Lastly, try new things and do not overthink too much.” 

What is the best restaurant you've ever tried?

“Surprisingly enough I am not that much of a foodie, but I am obsessed with this restaurant I recently visited in Fort Lauderdale called The Capital Grille. The Filet Mignon there was the best I have had up to date and I cannot wait to get back there to have some more.”

Do you feel comfortable getting out of your comfort zone and socializing? Let us know in the comments below! 

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