From Girlhood to Womanhood

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If you follow us on Instagram, you may have noticed a few posts about THE girlhood and womanhood experience that bonds feminine familial relationships together forever. Sleepovers, particularly with our mothers, aunts, adult lady cousins, and/or grandmothers were such a lovely rite of passage as children, teens, and even adults.

On Instagram I asked you all what films did you, possibly your sister(s) and possibly cousin(s) watched based on girlhood, womanhood or even chick flicks, during slumber parties with your maternal figures or lady family members. I still remember the films I watched with my grandmother, my great aunt, my aunt, and my big cousin. For instance, I will never forget the time I was in college and super stressed about my coursework. My big cousin, who I ADORE, drove to my college town, brought me to my hometown, and hosted a sleepover at her place. We stayed up SO late watching Diana Ross films (l know "Mahogany" is a cliché film that everyone watches with a maternal figure and especially their mothers, but it was my first time watching!), talking, having her do my hair, and teaching me how to sew.

This was not the only time sleepovers happened amongst my family members, especially as a child. I still remember films I watched with my great aunt, aunt, and especially my grandmother (like the first time my grandmother recommended “Almost a Woman”). 

These experiences were lovely and an important aspect of girlhood for me, so I would like to share a list of fifteen films I believe every child, teen, or young lady should watch with her maternal figure. I hope you enjoy!

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