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Last night I had the pleasure of viewing Beyoncé's "Renaissance" film. The film was amazing and if you know me personally, you are fully aware that I have been a huge fan since I was seven years old!

While my theater was pretty respectful and super quiet, there has been plenty of chatter on social sites regarding others misbehaving and disrupting other company in the theater. This behavior also occurred earlier this year during the "Barbie" film. Therefore, I would like to remind you all of a few basic movie theater expectations.

Must Know Rules for the Theater:

1. Sit in your seating arrangement.

2. Have awareness of personal space.

Putting feet on the seat in front of you is not appropriate and so is armrest hogging.

3. Never record clips and post them on social media for others to see.

Not only is it illegal in most areas, but posting the clips ruins the moment for others who have not yet gone to see the film.

4. Keep the chatter for the end of the film.

5. Just put the phone away.

Lighting from your phone can be incredibly distracting to others.

6. Clean up after yourselves.

7. Be mindful of the noises you make while eating and drinking.

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