Proud to be Polite (Children)

Proud to be Polite (Children)

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You are never to young to instill good manners. This one-of-a-kind workshop offers girls and boys ages 5 to 11 an opportunity to learn the social skills that will help them become confident and self assured young adults. During this lesson they will learn about making new friends, introducing themselves to new friends, having a proper conversation, taking turns and sharing, greetings, eye contact, manners, patience and why we do not interrupt, the importance of excuse me, please, and thank you, being a good play date and how to get invited back, party manners, and restaurant behavior. 

Upon booking, please enter your email address. Each participant interested in booking this service will be sent a Client Needs-Assessment Questionnaire that must be completed within 72 hours. The Questionnaire also includes the date and time you interested in conducting your session, with at least three (3) days notice of interested dates. All out of the area clients are able to complete their seminar via phone, zoom, or Facetime. 

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