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" inspiration comes from you. You are the love of my life (my baby). And I sing this song to you (you are my joy). My child. You. You are the love of my life (precious little baby). I dedicate this to you (you are my joy). My child. 

"Your page is so therapeutic." I love your page!" "You're like the big sister I never had." "We missed you!" "I wished I had someone like you in my life." These are all common comments, messages, and responses I would receive, especially after posting a video that features the lyrics above. 
If you have followed me on any platform between  2021 and early 2023, you of course, are fully aware of this lovely Faith Evans song. Some of you have been with me since the beginning when I had 40,000 Tiktok supporters, 3,000 Instagram supporters, and even 2,000 supporters on Twitter, so you may even be aware of my various personal videos and video clips that "You Are My Joy" was featured in. The earliest and most notorious video clip was a clip many of you enjoyed, which was inspired by my deceased aunt who passed away during my collegiate years. She was not only someone very close to me, but one of the family members who did my hair since I was a little girl. From that video many of you shared how you: 
1. Love when little girls (sisters, cousins, nieces) play in your hair.
2. Miss getting your hair done by your mothers, grandmothers, and other feminine family members.
The comments I received on that video were lovely and you all enjoyed the song as much as I do, so I continued to utilize the song in various videos. 
Many of you also expressed how much you enjoy my digital presence and space. I expressed how much I enjoy having you all present. Although I am no longer an "influencer," it was truly lovely not only to have the space to storytell and hold space for other women and girls to feel seen, loved, cherished, and adored, but to also receive the privilege of displaying a more positive view of womanhood, girlhood, and even feminine guidance. Due to my online image, many of you assumed that I am a very caring, gentle, nurturing, compassionate, soft, and sensitive person (you would all be correct), but were you aware that this is not all that I am?
I love humans because we are very multifaceted. Not to mention, everyone gets to experience us in different ways. For instance, for those who may not know me very well, one might assume that I am standoffish or timid. For those who "sort of" know me, they may assume that I am very compassionate, sweet, and caring. OR they may assume that I am mean or rude when they realize that I do not tolerate crossing boundaries, rudeness, or mistreatment. As for someone who really knows me, one would surely say that I am a hot mess (in a good way of course) because if you really know me, how could you not be aware of how much I enjoy laughing, joking, and having fun?
This past weekend I had the pleasure of working with a new client. She stated that although she had been following me for years, she was not aware of how funny I am (I get this a lot) and that she actually enjoyed working with me. I found my client's statement super exciting. Her comment reminded me of when my goddaughter started smiling, laughing, and recording my sister and I (mostly me) singing and dancing a few months ago to Beyonce'. My goddaughter primarily gets to experience the super compassionate, loving, and soft side of me, so she was not accustomed to how I am with my sister and others. 
Unfortunately, when it comes to etiquette, many assume that etiquette coaches/consultants are individuals who judge, criticize, and correct others' behaviors. In reality, an etiquette consultant is mostly available to encourage others to be a better and more refined version of themselves. Etiquette consultants do not go around judging or criticizing others. We do not encourage our clients to be someone they are not. We often tell our clients that it is ok to make mistakes. We also emphasize how important it is not to "fake" your way through anything. I myself am the same way. I give myself grace to make mistakes (which happens quite often). I try not to take things too seriously. I laugh. I joke. I have fun. As long as I am a better version of myself than I was four years ago, four months ago, and four weeks ago, I am happy. 
Snotty. Snobby. Stuck Up. These are just a few sentiments that come to mind when it comes to etiquette consultants (so I hear). I personally do not fit that category. 
I am the girl who dances when in the company of my close friends to almost any song, and especially after a couple of French 75s, called my sister crying and screaming because I FINALLY had the pleasure of seeing Faith Evans second row in concert, laughs uncontrollably, is frequently told by one of my aunts not to "come in here with all of that laughing" because it is what I do best, hypes up my sister when she dances to songs I am unfamiliar with, was offered the microphone at the end of a Beyonce' themed candlelight symphony concert because the venue stated that we may all sing so two lovely blondes in the back came up to dance with a friend and I (I am still looking for them) and handed me the microphone, made friends with two random older ladies at a Jill Scott concert and Faith Evans concert because I was dancing and singing harder and louder than they were, nearly got front row at a Fantasia concert after Fantasia requested that we move up (then sang my heart out), almost got in trouble at a funeral two weeks ago for trying desperately hard not to laugh the entire time because I knew I should not have sat next to my favorite big cousin K, danced in the middle of the road with two strangers who got out of the car to sing to Beyonce's "Heated", annoyed a friend by talking through the entire "Swarm" series to make sure she is aware of all of the Beyonce' references, frequently annoy my friends, sister, and mom repeatedly listening to Faith Evans, sends jokes and memes to my friends often, flirts a little too much, encouraged my friends to sing kareoke to Maze featuring Frankie Beverly's "We Are One" before we all started crying at the same time, and the list could on. Etiquette and protocol is knowing when is the appropriate time and place. All etiquette consultants are not rigid and stuffy. I am always going to have fun with my loved ones. 
Others should feel special in your presence. You demonstrate that you care by asking questions, showing up for others, or showing grace. You may also be the person who shows joy by making others laugh (not at you but with you!). Which one are you? Feel free to comment below!

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