Home Organization Expert Provides Best Practices for Home Organizing

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Happy Black History Month! This month Prestige School of Protocol will feature amazing creatives, influencers, professionals, and entrepreneurs willing to happily provide elegant lifestyle and elevation tips in all areas. Have you ever wondered what are best kept practices for keeping your home organized? Hear what Nia Davis, of Home Arrangements, has to say. 

Nia Davis started Home Arrangements after realizing she has a passion for helping families that struggle with organization in their home and in life. When getting rid of clutter, Nia advises starting with one task at a time. "If your mission is to organize your room, for example, start with your desk first. Create a "keep it" bin and a "throw out" bin. For your "keep it" bin, break the bin into categories such as writing tools, paper, and supplies. Then create sections in your design for each of them," Nia says. 

"Once you finish your desk, use the same method for the closet or under bed storage. This is important so that you do not overwhelm yourself!"

Nia says "a clean space makes her feel level headed, accomplished and overall like a great mother! When the space is clean, my children love to help keep it clean and our days run smoother."

To keep a home organized, Nia recommends creating a designated location for every item. "Utilize bins with labels. This will help on reset days when cleaning and you will have a location for everything to go!" 

Nia also advises creating a schedule for organizing. "Designate certain days for certain tasks and go from there. Most importantly, do not be afraid to throw items away that you have not used in six months to a year (outside of holiday decor)." 

Ms. Davis states that every organized home should have labels. "Avery has great options on Amazon. Also, bins and totes help when categorizing everything!" 

You may follow Home Arrangements by visiting their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100090173149547&mibextid=hu50Ix and their website here: https://lllll.my.canva.site/home-arrangements-.

For questions, you may text 833-257-7319 regarding services and availability. Consultations are available via zoom conferences.

What home organization practices do you follow? Let us know in the comments below!

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