Love and Light: A Gift Giving Guide for Colleagues/Co-Workers for Valentine's Day

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I was on the Shein website searching for a pink diffuser for my office desk when I came across the cutest mini champagne boxes. I immediately knew they would make lovely little gifts to pass around the office on Valentine's Day. So, I added them to my cart and searched on Amazon for cute Valentine's Day inserts to replace the "thank you" inserts. I then went shopping for Hershey Kisses the next day. I was so excited.

Valentine's day has become one of my favorite holidays. Who doesn't love a day of love? Valentine's Day, of course, is not only a day that reminds your boyfriend/fiancé/husband to shower you in love but it is also a day for you to shower the gift of love in others. From showering your little girls to your friends or even coworkers, it is the perfect way to inspire a little feminine lightness in the atmosphere. 

***Disclaimer: office romance is strictly prohibited in most companies so tread lightly with this. If you are going to gift give please make sure that there are gifts for everyone. 

So what ways can you inspire feminine lightness in those around you? Here is a list of small items you can bring to the office:

1. Baked goods. This is an obvious one. Who wouldn't love the sweet gift of a strawberry or vanilla cupcake?

2. Greeting cards. Sometimes a simple card of appreciation with a handwritten note is lovely!

3. Stress balls. Everyone loves them!

4. New pens. They are both practical and cute.

5. Hot chocolate favors.

6. Lip balms. Pick up some lip balms at your nearby store and decorate them!

7. Popcorn stickers. 

8. Candy gifts. 

 These are just a few ways to show feminine kindness to those in your life. I recommend Pinterest for more!

What will you be gifting your co-workers? Let us know in the comments below!

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