Friendship, Fun, and Unthinkably Good Things

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Why aren't many people discussing this cute, bubbly, lighthearted film made of friendship and romance?

Unthinkably Good Things is a Hallmark film about three girlfriends from Spelman college who meet up years later for a girls trip to Italy, where one of the women is a guest professor at a local university. The film is nothing but femininity, fun, friendship, womanhood and lighthearted romance!

Between the amazing wine, cooking classes, delicious food, and a healthy serving of romance set against the beautiful backdrop of Tuscany, the three women relish in the importance of friendship and inspire one another to make their next season the best one yet, even if it is not easy. 


The bright colors and feminine clothing, the beauty, the vulnerability, and the lovely friendship is all so inspiring! So is the romance! For those of you who have not yet watched, I cannot wait for you all to watch the film with joy. The movie is truly lovely. 

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