Can Grammy Award for Best New Artist Open New Doors?

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Over the last few years, we have watched black women beg for media representation outside of the hyper-sexualized image that plagues us. From television to music and entertainment, black women have been depicted as the “jezebel” persona, and most black women have gotten annoyed with it. Because of it, representation like “black girl luxury", "clean girl aesthetic”, “black cottage core” “black plaza girl/preppy girl/old money style”, and more have become popular. With a strong desire for more black “girl next door” artists, many black women have been hoping, wishing, and waiting for positive representation to emerge. Could Grammys “Upcoming New Artist” be a step in the right direction? 

Just yesterday, hours before the Grammys aired, some ladies and I conversed over lavender lemonades and floridian french toasts. We joyously discussed our upcoming plans and excitement over the concerts we’d love to attend together. The topic of jazz came up and our eyes gleamed with enthusiasm as we discussed our plans to dress really nice and attend a jazz lounge in a nearby city for a performance. We spoke of how we enjoyed learning about jazz and how excited we are to experience a nice atmosphere. Hours later, I met my mom at my sister’s place to watch the Grammys. I beamed with excitement when I heard the name “Samara Joy” called for Best New Artist. 

Samara Joy, a 23-year-old artist from the Bronx also won best jazz vocal album for her project, "Linger Awhile." 
Her Tiktok videos have frequently gone viral due to smooth stylings of both her music and some of the classics. The then 20-year-old, Joy previously won the prestigious Sarah Vaughan International Jazz Competition in 2019 and things took off from there. Could this be a major win and positive representative future for black women? 

Black women, especially unambiguous black women, and more specifically—darker skinned black women, have been requesting a more positive representation of young black female artists. And while many are not saying that they dislike the current R&B and rap artists, they are saying that we could all benefit from a variety of music and images to appeal to different audiences so that all black women are able to have something and someone to relate to and resonate with. Samara Joy’s win is certainly a step in the right direction.  What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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